DeAna Danzy

Lluvia Hair Studio total focus is Natural Hair, Holistic Health, Lifestyle and Fashion. Combining all aspects of the things that make us live our BEST LIFE. When you look good you feel GREAT… When you FEEL great LIFE goes your way! We attract who we are not what what we want. The salon is small, clean and intimate. 1 stylist, a blow dryer and magic loving fingers doing straight natural blowouts, rod-sets, two strand twist, flat-twist, coils, loc maintenance and color…etc. We use top line professional products and work alone with top product companies such as Carol’s Daughter to test products you the client/consumer will want to use on your tresses. Our salon that believes in time management. So our motto is to get you in and out! We stand behind our motto because you have other things to do besides sitting around for hours before someone begin working with your hair. Time is money!!!

Design Essentials, Moroccan Oil, Carol’s Daughter, Jane Carter, Tahlia Waajid, Paul Mitchel Naturals

Phone: 678-350-4506

September 20, 2017